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DXRacer Gaming series

DXRacer Gaming Origin series – graceful stylish chairs for slim and average gamers

Our little helpers and descendants can jubilate now – DXRacer have taken care with its chairs for corpulent people but didn’t forget about slim game fans. If you have a younger brother (or sister) or cousin and he (she) is a cyber gamer, you can bring on his (her) birthday a DXRacer Gaming O-chair. The DXRacer O-series and red and black computer desk chair versions are the cheapest in the DXRacer product line and optimized for “little people” using. But the O-DXRacers have the same functionality, robustness and durability as the other DXRacers.

Look at the DXRacer Gaming OH/OC168 model of the chair: it is compact and ergonomical, provided with a high backrest (DXRacer user’s spine support from the neck to the pelvis is guaranteed), a gas spring base, a DXRacer nylon five-pointed crossbeam, long straight arms and rubber casters. How build a gaming chair?


  • High quality
  • Very low price
  • Light weight
  • Metal structure
  • High ergonomic chairback
  • Conventional tilt mechanism (3…17 degrees)
  • Anatomical seat shape
  • Five-pointed base
  • Robust casters


  • Small over-all size
  • Recommended user height – max 170 cm
  • Recommended user weight – max 68 kg
  • Simple arms

DXRacer Gaming King series – modern chair models for “big people”

The K-DXRacer chairs are real constructable king thrones. They have high backs (86.4 cm) and aluminium bases, wide seats (55 cm) and crossbeams, Eurostandard-type gas lift mechanisms and plastic and rubber casters. The DXRacer’s backs can tilt over 135 degrees, the seats can tilt over 12 degrees. These massive DXRacer a quake chair help gamers to lead ideal games with incredible comfort. But if you aren’t a portly man actually, you should look closely at other DXRacer series of the chairs. The price of the K-Gaming DXRacers can come off a little way overstated.

Gaming K-chairs of DXRacer (KS06/N, NW, NE, NB etc.) are recognizable in large measure at the expense of their two-colored design. Long blue, orange, gray, green or red stripes line chairbacks and seats of the DXRacers, and their base beams are punctually colored too.


  • Guaranteed high quality
  • Steel metal structure
  • 4D adjustable arms
  • Anatomical seat shape (with neck and loin pillows optionally)
  • Stable five-pointed base
  • Robust casters


  • Overstated price
  • Large over-all size
  • Heavy weight
  • Recommended user height – max 200 cm
  • Recommended user weight – max 180 kg

DXRacer OH/CS120/N/FT Classic Series

Works best for users of decent height and weight above average.

This DXracer web oficial chair model works best for users up to 180 cm with 250 lbs. weight. It almost fully copies the original design of the DXracer B-series. Looks professional and comfy at a time.


  • Armrests and back of this DXracer chair are fully adjustable and fixed in a desired position;
  • The footrest is included and already integrated into the chair;
  • PU leather and mesh all together with strong shaping foam providing with comfort and healthy spine position;
  • Convenient for people weighing up to 113 kg with 180 cm height.


  • Best DXracer for users with height and weight a bit above average.
  • Firm and comfortable, able to provide you with stable support for more than 12 hours of active playing never making you feel tired.
  • This DXracer chair model was created to fit users of almost all body types, that’s why it can be adjusted in all possible ways.


  • Assembling this DXracer is pretty tricky. You may probably need someone to help you do that and deal with instructions.
  • The price is too high for most of the buyers and they admit that DXracer has other similar models to suggest that cost a lot less.
  • This B-series DXracer chair model has a poor variety of styles.

OH/CS120/N/FT DXracer chair from the Classic Series is certainly one of the best solutions for lovers of competitive gaming. Of course, it’s not as large as chairs belonging to M or K series, but they are perfect for people taller and larger than average.

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